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Support Worker: Overnight/Awake

Job Details

Job Type: Full-Time

Required Education:

Other Requirements:

  • See job description

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Job Description


  • Tend to the needs and ensure the safety and comfort of people.
  • Check people hourly throughout the night.
  • Carry out and record fire inspection. Carry out and record check in calls.
  • Administer medications using MAR sheet and FIVE rights of medication administration.
  • Prepare all meals for the following day, utilizing the Canada Food Guide and individual diet needs and preferences unless determined that meals are cooked during the day.
  • Prepare grocery-shopping list weekly.
  • House cleaning and laundry. Respect and maintain the cleanliness of people’s homes at all times.
  • Wipe wheelchairs (where applicable) nightly and thoroughly clean once a week.
  • Remove and wash tub lift covers/commodes/bath chairs twice weekly.
  • Assist people through evening and/or morning routines when needed.
  • Follow individual Daily Living Support Plans and Protocols.
  • Keep up to date on any changes, through reading records, day notes and discussion with team members at shift change.
  • Communicate concerns through the Manager or other staff on morning or evening duty.
  • Knowledge of policies/procedures, particularly emergency procedures and Personnel Policies.
  • Record in day notes brief summary of shift and any unusual occurrences.
  • Attend and participate in all mandatory team meetings.
  • Takes initiative and responds to any other responsibilities delegated by the Manager in a positive light.
  • Complete nightly duty responsibilities as per description.
  • Complete all documentation as needed.
  • Provide orientation to new team members to the home in conjunction with the Manager.
  • Provide excellent role modeling for other team members and practicum students.
  • Communicates with counter partner effectively through overnight communication book.
  • Always work together as a team.

Hiring Requirements:

To obtain employment with Lifestyle Equity Society, applicants must be a Canadian Citizen or have appropriate working papers. Applicants need to submit the following:

  • Human Service Worker, Care Aid Certificate/Diploma or related education and/or experience caring for persons with developmental disabilities and injury.
  • Resume with a minimum of (2) two employment-related references and (1) character reference.
  • Excellent cooking and housekeeping skills
  • Knowledge of nutrition/Canada Food Guide
  • Good mental and physical health
  • Sensitivity to the needs of people who have disabilities
  • Physician’s Note of Health
  • Current First Aid with CPR-C (AED)
  • Current TB Test
  • Criminal Record Check
  • Food Safe Certificate
  • WHIMIS Certificate